Who and Where

Who is looking at NAC in COVID?

Determination of efficacy of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) in preventing those with mild or moderate COVID-19 from progressing to severe disease


ClinicalTrials.gov ID NCT04419025


Application submission to CHA IRB May 1, 2020

Approval August 7, 2020

Enrollment September 2020

Principal Investigator (PI)

Melisa Lai-Becker MD

Enrollment Eligibility

Age >= 18 years, not pregnant at time of enrollment; known or suspect COVID-19 disease AND one or more of the following:

  • SpO2 <= 95% at rest on room air

  • SpO2 <= 90% ambulatory

  • Respiratory Rate >= 24 breaths per minute

  • Fever defined as temperature >= 100.1° Fahrenheit

  • Radiographic evidence of pulmonary pathology consistent with COVID-19

  • Use of acetaminophen (APAP, paracetamol) for symptom management of COVID-19

Kerry Blomquist RN Everett Hospital Emergency Nurse

Julie Devito PA-C Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

Ellie Grossman MD MPH Primary Care Lead for Behavioral Health Integration; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Lara Hall MD Family Medicine Physician; COVID-19/Respiratory Clinic Clinical Lead

Janice N. John PA-C MHS MHCDS Medical Director, Respiratory Clinic; Chief PA, Primary Care; Associate Medical Director, Assembly Square Primary Care

Rachel Hathaway MD Hospital Medicine Physician. Director, HMS Medicine Sub Internship; Director, CHA Internal Medicine Resident Evaluation; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Duncan Kuhn MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician, CHA; Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician, North Shore Medical Center (Salem MA); Infectious Diseases specialist; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Melisa Lai-Becker MD Chief, Everett Emergency Department; Director, Division of Medical Toxicology; Medical Toxicologist, Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention Serving MA & RI; Medical Toxicologist, Boston Children's Hospital; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Mary Regan PharmD Director, Clinical and Academic Pharmacy Services; Senior Clinical Pharmacist Specialist – Critical Care; Administrator, ACPE-Accredited CPE Programming

Yamini Saravanan MD MHS Clerkship Director, HMS Primary Care; Clerkship Director, HMS Internal Medicine Clerkship; Associate Director, HMS Primary Care Experience; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Alix Schrager MD Senior resident (PGY3), Harvard Internal Medicine Residency at CHA; Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Tom Seufert MD Emergency Physician; Associate Director of Clinical Informatics; Director of Emergency Informatics; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

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